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Welcome to Rosewood Clinical Psychology.
I am Dr Alistair Bailie, a Registered Clinical Psychologist working with adults in private practice based in Nottingham, UK.

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Finding someone to help

Sometimes it can be confusing and exhausting to try and make sense of what we feel, how we think, and how we and others behave. Sometimes we find ways to cope, and sometimes we end up feeling stuck, lost or maybe even broken. It can be a lonely place to feel so sad, angry, worried and tired. 

You’re stronger than you think. The fact you’re here shows you recognise to some degree that maybe you can’t do this alone, and acknowledging that takes courage. I’d like the chance to help. Not to fix you, because you don’t need fixing. To help unpack and make sense of all that mess and confusion; to help work out how all this has come about and what you can do to live a contented, enjoyable and meaningful life.

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Contact Me

Please complete the following form with a brief description of the difficulties you would like to work on and I will contact you for a free 20 minute call to discuss how I may be able to help. The information you provide will be kept in accordance with the terms and conditions.

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